Public Health Advocate

As a Berkeley Community Health Commissioner, Andy is leading the fight to save Alta Bates Medical Center, a critical facility for the East Bay’s health and safety, from closure. On the Commission, Andy is also working to address health disparities affecting communities of color and the LGBT community.

Andy Katz worked for nearly a decade as the Government Relations Director for Breathe California, a statewide organization fighting for clean air and public health in California. At Breathe California, Andy has also partnered with prominent environmental organizations, the Attorney General’s Office, and California Air Resources Board to reduce diesel particulate and greenhouse gas pollution across the state. And he has advocated before the Legislature and other agencies, urging for increased air protections, as well as the implementation of vital portions of the Affordable Care Act, to ensure expanded access to quality healthcare.

Andy helped work to protect the Richmond community from another refinery disaster by co-sponsoring a Senate bill to increases penalties for large air pollution violations. Andy also worked with local community groups to press for reforms that require refineries to conduct safety audits and install safer technology. He also worked to implement Essential Health Benefits requirements and to ensure that seniors with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) have access to early screenings, diagnosis, and referral to preventive care.